Baby cashmere 3WAY blanket

Baby cashmere 3WAY blanket

VAT Included
Color: # 009 Gray


Shell Button


Made In Gunma, JAPAN



A specially trimmed cashmere that collects only the first-cut hair from cashmere lambs less than 12 months old.

The finest knitwear knitted.

It is the finest luxury material in cashmere with a special texture and texture.

It features a slimy feel and luster like no other.

Finished in a natural tone color that makes the best use of the material.



[Whole Garment Knit]

By knitting three-dimensionally, it is a non-sewn knit that features a stress-free comfort with no loose seams and a beautiful silhouette.



1. 1. If you fasten the left and right buttons in front, "Cape"

2. When you fasten the buttons on both sides and pass your arm through, "Bolero"

3. 3. If you use it as it is without fastening the button, it will be a "knee" or "blanket".


It can be used in various other ways depending on how the button is fastened.



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